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Guangdong TILI to Showcase Latest Panasonic Compressors and Heating Solutions at the 135th Canton Fair Apr 12, 2024

Guangdong TILI, a leading company in the refrigeration and heating industry, is gearing up to participate in the upcoming 135th Canton Fair (the world’s largest trade fair for import and export), scheduled to take place from April 15 to 19 2024. The company will showcase its latest innovations in compressor technology and heating solutions at booth number 2.2L11, inviting both existing and potential partners to visit and engage in detailed discussions.

At the fair, TILI will prominently display the latest range of Panasonic DC inverter rotary compressors, including models using environmentally friendly refrigerant like R290 and CO2. These compressors represent a significant leap forward in terms of efficiency, reliability, and environmental friendliness, making them ideal for a wide range of refrigeration and heating applications.

In addition to the compressors, Tili will also present its comprehensive heat pump heating solutions. These solutions are designed to provide efficient and cost-effective heating in both residential and commercial settings. The company will highlight its DC inverter heat pump heating units, which offer precise temperature control and low energy consumption.

Moreover, Tili will showcase its portable air conditioning units, which are perfect for spaces where a permanent air conditioning system is not feasible or desired. These units are lightweight, do not need to be installed, and provide powerful cooling capabilities.

The company is excited to welcome both old and new friends to its booth at the Canton Fair. Tili looks forward to discussing potential business opportunities, sharing its expert knowledge, and demonstrating how its products and solutions can enhance the efficiency and comfort of various heating and cooling systems.

With its commitment to innovation and quality, Guangdong Tili aims to solidify its position as a leading player in the global refrigeration and heating industry. The Canton Fair provides an excellent platform for the company to showcase its capabilities and connect with potential partners from around the world.

Visitors to the fair are encouraged to make their way to booth 2.2L11 to discover the latest from Guangdong Tili and Panasonic. The company looks forward to a successful exhibition and hopes to establish long-lasting relationships with its visitors.

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